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TypeScript Is The Future!

TypeScript is a superset of the JavaScript programming language created and maintained by Microsoft. Currently, its popularity is growing due to such a giant as Angular 2 and Ionic that use TypeScript as the main building material.

This open-source programming language was developed as an alternative to coding in pure JavaScript with one and clear aim – to help developers write faster and cleaner object-oriented code.

Less bugs

With the help of TypeScript, Divbyte experts are able to develop for you large applications for both client-side and server-side execution. The apps created with TypeScript are maintained without much difficulty and the possibility of bugs is very low.

Cross -Platform support

By adding class, interface, and module statements to JavaScript, we achieve a clean and modular code which is on the top when talking about benefits availed by TypeScript. The other upside of TypeScript is the possibility to target multiple browsers. TypeScript compiles simple JavaScript code which runs on all browsers and can be debugged directly in the browser or an editor.

Static typing

One more perk of this bad boy is hidden in its name. TypeScript consists of the word “Type” for a good reason. Type is one of the core benefits which is worthy of the attention of every developer. Types are extremely helpful and recommended in catching errors during the development process of large applications.



Advanced Feature

To sum up, TypeScript (wiki) with its set of advanced features is good for any kind of a project even a complex and challenging one.

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