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Our clients do not always know that the main fuel and foundation of their apps are the result of proper backend development. Usually, all the glory goes to frontend development which focuses on the creation of the user interface, and back-end code stays out of the spotlight, not seen by the end user. However, exactly back-end code brings to life the app, its every feature and every button of the interface.

Logic of the App

Unlike front-end developers concerned about UI, how the website looks like, back-end developers are engaged in the logic of the system and its architecture and maintenance. When the front-end dev creates the button, back-end expert write a code to make this button function.

Smooth Development

Due to the diligent work of backend developers, all the mechanism works as expected and without a single hiccup. If you want your app to run smoothly, let Divbyte help with the achievement of your development goals.


Our back-end engineers have a deep understanding of servers and databases such as MySQL and SQL Server, and languages such as Python, Ruby,.Net, Java, and PHP. In additions, our specialists are acquainted with different libraries and frameworks and know how to integrate them into an application.


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We provide only quality back-end web development services and create elegant and functional solutions.

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