Cross-Platform Desktop App Development

Web on the Desktop

Divbyte team has extensive experience in cross-platform desktop application development for Windows, Linux, and MacOS using web-based technologies. On the pre-development stage, we carefully analyze the specifics of your industry, your requirements for functionality and the interface. Then we choose correct methodologies and reliable technologies for the creation of your unique cross-platform desktop solution.

Reusable code

One more reason to stop your choice on the cross-platform desktop app is, of course, its notable advantage — reusable code. This saves greatly the time of your team and allows running the app on all the major platforms.

Full service

The development process is 100% transparent and to make sure that the app works without bugs and is capable of solving complicated tasks quickly, we run multiple tests. In addition, we provide support, maintenance, and optimization services.


With Divbyte you can easily come over all your business and development challenges and enjoy the efficiency of your cross-platform desktop app.


We love our job

Power of the web

By using modern web technologies (JavaScript, HTML, and CSS) and some cross-platform frameworks (Electron, Ionic, etc.) you can optimize your development cost a lot! 

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