Cross-Platform Apps Development

Wider Audience

Do you need your product to cover a wider audience? Then, cross-platform is what your business needs. With the constant growth of the smartphone industry and the existence of multiple smartphone platforms, a cross-platform app is one of the best ways to provide a high-quality user experience and acquire more customers.

Hybrid Applications

Along with the development of native applications, Divbyte has a rich experience in delivering hybrid and cross-platform applications: social network, business, e-commerce, enterprise and other types of cross-platform applications. Our developers always put efforts to meet your user, business, industry needs and make your next project a success.

Frameworks and Tools

The main benefits of outsourcing development of the application to Divbyte are enhanced speed and cost-efficiency. We use some of the most popular tools like PhoneGap and React Native, Ionic, Electron that enable us to optimize the application development and target a wider range of platforms (iOS, Android and Windows) without writing multiple codes. This significantly increases the development speed and automatically makes your product reach the market sooner.

Save Cost

Also, as far as you do not need to handle several applications that run on different platforms but only one cross-platform application, you can save costs on the maintenance and support.


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