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React is Everywhere!

ReactJS is a robust adaptable JavaScript open source library with a bundle of useful features that enable developers to create exquisite complex apps and data-heavy websites. It is used by a great number of successful websites including Netflix, Airbnb, Yahoo, SeatGeek, HelloSign, Walmart, Feedly,  Bleacher Report, Imgur, and others.

Less Bugs With React

There are several reasons for the popularity of ReactJS among so many companies. First of all, due to its declarative nature its much easier to understand the code and debug. For instance, with the help of ReactJS, Facebook has created an effective debugging mechanism, that reduces and prevents some UI errors and bugs.

Virtual DOM

Secondly, the creation of small pieces of code, so-called ‘components’ that reflect a particular part of the user interface and can be reusable across several web pages. This helps speed up the development process, save valuable time and reduce costs. Also, it supports virtual DOM that simplifies managing constantly increasing and changing data and keeps the website fast.

Unit Testing

Finally, ReactJS allows performing unit testing, and therefore, helps prevent system crashes and maintain platform stability.



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