Book Story: FreeBSD 6 Unleashed

by Brian Tiemann

In the Book Story cycle we will publish stories about some old books that are staying on a shlevs of our team members and which somehow influenced them in the past. 

I “met” FreeBDS for the first time when I was 16 (2006) years old. My friend installed version 4.3 on my old Pentium 133 which I didn’t use for a long time. After he left, I restarted my PC for almost ten times because I couldn’t exit Vi editor (and it was the first program to start after a fresh installation). Then I called him and found out this nice key combination:

<Esc> :wq 

In the beginning, I mainly used (FreeBSD guides written in Russian) as the main source of knowledge, but later I bought this book.

After reading it from end to end, I used my other PC to make a small home server. I had configured NAT, Web server (Apache, PHP, and MySQL), FTP and Samba. At some point, I hosted our private phpBB forum at this server.


I have used FreeBSD as a server OS on my home server for 3+ years, started with 4.3 and finished with 8.0.
At some point, I was tired of compiling packages from ports and configuring everything, so I switched to Ubuntu Server and later moved to the VPS server from DigitalOcean. That is how I became a Linux user, installed it on my desktop PC and used for a few years as a main desktop OS. But it’s a whole other story!

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