The Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

Looks like the sci-fi novels have become a reality. We no longer live in a human world but in a new world of humans and robots. What we have been doing manually for centuries, now can be done automatically by using machinery and software. Instead of crossing the ocean to purchase various goods, we do a few clicks on an e-commerce website. Instead of calling support asking for assistance, we communicate with chatbots. We do not ask friends for advice anymore, but Siri, Alexa or Google Assitant. Artificial Intelligence slowly but confidently is transforming business in every industry and becoming a critical component of our daily life.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science focused on the creation of intelligent machines that mostly rely on machine learning and natural language processing. Such intelligent machines can learn from experiences and perform various tasks.


Very often you do not notice and do not even realize that you are cooperating with artificial intelligence. Spam filters, plag checkers, social networks, Amazon, even ridesharing apps are all considered to be examples of AI. Why? Because they all can learn, plan and solve problems.

Machine Learning As A Part Of Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are interconnected, however, they are not synonyms. Let’s define both terms and find out the difference.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an intelligent machine that can accomplish various specific tasks in a human-like manner, easily adapting to different situations.

Machine Learning (ML)  is a branch of Artificial Intelligence, an approach on which every AI is based. It allows software applications to adapt by learning from user’s habits and preferences.

The term “learning machine” was first coined in 1959 by Arthur Samuel. He defined it as “the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.” This statement clearly defines the main benefit of the Machine Learning. Instead of writing thousands of lines of code, specific rules and instructions, you let the software learn from a large amount of data and real-world interactions.

To fully understand what the Machine Learning is, let’s look at the following example: Facebook’s News Feed. When you frequently like posts of a particular friend, the News Feed immediately tracks your preferences and begins showing you more and more of your friend’s posts earlier in the feed. The Facebook News Feed learns from your every “like” to show you the best post based on your previous level of interest. As soon as you stop following, liking and commenting on your friend’s posts, News Feed adjusts straightaway.

That is how Machine Learning approach works in reality, it literally trains the web applications and gets smarter over time. Without human intervention the web platform learns from user’s decisions, improving itself every single day.

Reasons for AI Implementation In Web Development

Faster Search

Customers want to reach information as soon as possible. For this reason, voice-based research is becoming more and more popular. Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana are used by thousands of users for only one reason – fast access to the information. If you have an online shop, a voiced-based search would help your customers to find the needed answers and purchase much faster.

Better Interaction

Chatbots are a new trend that significantly improves the communication with customers. Modern chatbots can substitute the whole customer support team and provide much better assistance. Machine-learning based chatbots are able to communicate naturally and respond to the most complex questions, even if they are absolutely not connected to your product or industry. If you want to increase conversions and bring your business to the next level, do not hesitate to implement a chatbot.

Customized User Experience

You can create a website with AI and understand the customer’s requirements better. Such a website will help you gather customer’s preferences, browsing history and even location. Therefore, you will be able to adapt your website according to the needs of your customers and provide a better customer experience by updating your UI accordingly and suggesting information your customer is actually interested in.

Personalized Store Experience

If you want to engage more customers and make their shopping experience more personalized, the implementation of AI solution to your online shop is a must. It will help make the customer feel as if everything in your online store was created exactly for him. It will create a real shopping atmosphere and motivate to make a purchase. is an excellent example of this, the product feed, recommendations, special offers, are all based on data previously tracked by Amazon’s AI.

Effective Marketing Strategy

AI technologies allow doing marketing predictions on what is in demand. By analyzing customer’s behavior you can find out what and when the customer is planning to purchase, what type of products he likes and dislikes etc. Collecting such data will highlight the pros and cons of your online shop and what changes should be done in order to increase sales and improve conversion.

Here’s an example of Klaviyo’s (email marketing) AI prediction for Customer LifeTime Value based on history data:


Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Web apps

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an excellent voice-to-text technology and a perfect example of artificial intelligence. This smart personal assistant can answer any question immediately, by searching for the answer on the Internet. You just say “Hey Google, + your question”,  and receive a detailed answer to your question.


Another AI that you are constantly using is Netflix. This is a leading entertainment company that enables a user to access numerous cartoon, series, and movies of different genres. However, it is not only a hub of movies but an accurate predictive system. It carefully analyzes the records, all the movies you have already watched and on the basis of that data, it suggests you the new movies you might also like to watch.


Grammarly is an advanced grammar checker that took the jobs of many editors and teachers of English. It is able to correct spelling, style, punctuation, and even detect plagiarism. It underlines all the mistakes and suggests the correct variant, also, it offers a range of synonyms to every word and improves the style according to the type of paper you are writing and your preferences (American or British English).

Create Your Intelligent Web App With Divbyte

If you got inspired by the successful examples and the benefits of AI, do not doubt to implement artificial intelligence into your business.

Divbyte team is always at your service. We know how to build an intelligent web application based on machine learning and natural language processing. Just share your idea with us and we will bring it to life.

Whether you want to build a smart application like Uber or an advanced chatbot that can communicate with your client like a human being? Divyte team is here to help you. We are ready to take a challenge and start building a unique AI solution for your business today.

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